September 6, 2022

Saint Emblem’s Leah Sullivan named to Protégé roster.

Young Professionals of Chattanooga (YPC) and Chamber of Commerce announce 2022-2023 lineup, including one of our own.

One of the many things that attracted our agency to relocate to Chattanooga was the talent pool and even more so the consistent efforts of the city to make it deeper. The Chamber of Commerce and YPC are at the forefront of those efforts with initiatives like Protégé Chattanooga and the YPC Advisory Board.

As one of the 24 young professionals chosen for the Protégé group, Leah Sullivan will have the opportunity to be mentored by some of Chattanooga’s most established and respected business leaders via the Advisory Board. This platform will bring generations together, building on the city’s continued efforts to keep its diverse young talent ready to contribute and lead.

Leah began her career as a Graphic Designer at Likemind in 2019 and since then has fashioned herself into an integral part of our business far beyond that role in Saint Emblem. Her ability to learn new processes and improve our operations as an agency has advanced her to the role of Junior Creative Director. Our clients rely on Leah to not only steer the messaging and visual strategy of their projects but also to know their individual business models like it is our own.

The ability for her to learn from the best Chattanooga has to offer will only increase her value to our clients, community, and agency.

Learn more about the YPC/Chamber of Commerce program on Business Trend.



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