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Saint Emblem works with business owners, commercial architects, and interior designers, to bring a space to life through branding.

A Chattanooga, TN-based agency focusing on branded design within commercial spaces.

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Branded Interior Graphics

Whether a building is retail, office, municipal, educational, or hospitality, there are many untold stories and information that can enhance a visit.

Bringing the brand colors, typography, graphic elements, and messaging viewers see outside the walls to inside the space brings the brand experience full circle.

Graphic Walls

Municipal buildings, airports, and offices provide a perfect setting for graphically displaying the history and features of a community or organization.

Full-Bleed Vinyl

Strategically placing durable full-bleed vinyl through a space can guide visitors, promote services, or visually convey the themes and values in a large format.

Cut Vinyl

Cut vinyl is a cost-efficient solution for adhering or stenciling messaging, brand marks, and information on brick, glass, concrete, and wood surfaces.


Commercial Space Collaborations

Firms can look to Saint Emblem to evaluate an existing business brand structure or create one to implement an engaging and consistent theme throughout their projects.

While our role is to put finishing touches and creative spins on walls, signage, lighting, and fixtures, the collaborations with architects are inspiring for both sides.

Interior Retail Design

We aid in selecting materials and surfaces that can weave into the style of existing spaces and also offer a thematic contrast.

Brandmark Applications

Seeing and touching logos off-screen can build a connection with the brand like no other. In the case of Bulldog Burger Company, we designed the “CO.” symbol in reclaimed wood and back-lit lighting to make a focal point from the building entrance that is seamless with the rest of the space.


Lighting isn’t often associated with branding; however, it’s vital to creating an all-encompassing experience. Saint Emblem works with lighting specialists and vendors to select and design custom pieces that can complement the brand through shapes, placement, and tones.

Themeatic Design

Carrying over thematic qualities from products into the physical space has been a successful way to extend the brand. With Queens Reward Meadery, the core ingredient inspired us to build the honeycomb theme into custom lighting and reflective tiles emphasizing the rich tones in honey.

Only 50% of employees think their workplace is designed to encourage behavior consistent with the company brand.



We all have Google and Apple to help direct us to a building. However, the experiences inside often need clarification—navigational signage is vital to office, educational, and municipal spaces. Bringing clarity to the functions of a space and how visitors can efficiently get to them shows that you thought about their experience.


A consistent and quickly understandable icon system can allow visitors to visually retain building features for quick navigation in future visits.


When moving visitors to multiple areas, levels, and functions of a space, the consistency of how those directions are displayed is critical. Choosing appropriately sized and highly readable typography can lessen confusion and improve traffic flow. 

Physical branding is often overlooked as a part of updating or opening a business space. Allowing your audience to experience your brand story all around them builds a connection no other medium can.


Dimensional Signage

Brandmarks are often presented best off-screen. These are the moments when the thought behind a design can be studied deeper. Materials like metal, wood, and acrylic can be used to engineer any design into prominent signage on facades, entrances, and lobbies of spaces, providing high visibility and brand awareness.


Features like internally illuminated or back-lit lighting can bring a personality to brandmarks only seen in the physical space.

68% of businesses say brand consistency has contributed to revenue growths of at least 10%. This can be attributed to a consumers online visual brand experience being matched when they visit a business location.