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Hardy Reed is an independent investment advisory, fiduciary, and retirement plan services firm. Their fee-only service model allows the firm to be free of compensation-based conflicts of interest.

This means clients know exactly how much they are paying for financial advice and how that advice may affect their goals. Clients can be confident that their guidance is transparent, unbiased, and based on empirical evidence and years of experience.

A firm about more than the market.

Hardy Reed advisers are nationally known for their experience and knowledge of fiduciary best practices. The firm has tactfully grown its client roster of high-net-worth individuals, families, and organizations over the past decade to over one billion dollars in managed assets. That progress has also included the same passion for non-profit asset management and the firm giving back to the region through many sponsorships benefiting youth and civic programs.

Campaign Strategy

Hardy Reed has earned the prestigious CEFEX® Certification for the 10th consecutive year.

CEFEX® Certification is considered a seal of approval for wealth management firms giving their clients greater piece of mind and a higher degree of transparency. 

With less than one percent of IRA’s in America meeting the standards of a CEFEX® Certification, Hardy Reed has been in rare territory for the past decade. We are proud to celebrate this achievement with an impactful firm and, more importantly, help package this message for their audience.