Queens Reward Meadery


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Environmental Design

Being the first of anything, anywhere, these days is rare. Established in 2016, Queens Reward became the flagship Meadery in the state of Mississippi, serving as a new alcohol experience for an entire region. What started as a desire to perfect a hobby, quickly became an award winning product distributed nationally. 


Building an experience from hive to glass.

Honey, water, yeast. While the core components of mead are simple, the quality and craftsmanship behind them make Queen’s Reward unique. The tasting room experience follows suit, utilizing the natural tones and shapes found within honey harvesting to create an inviting space. Taking advantage of what organically makes each glass amazing allows visitors to connect what they are tasting to their surroundings.

Design Strategy

The ultimate architects.

Few are more precise and deliberate as bees when building their homebase. Matching that level of care through materials that reflect the activity and energy of the hive is key. Our tile treatments that face the tasting bar and custom lighting design reflect light and enhance the rich natural colors found in honey. 

With the hybrid role of retail experience design and product marketing, Saint Emblem has thoughtfully crafted the visual presentation for the meadery.