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Established in 1949, B&B produces and delivers concrete products across multiple states in the South. As a family-run company, the brand has been a staple in the region for years of quality service and community support. With a fleet of over eighty delivery trucks and thirteen production plants, bandwidth is strong at B&B.


A company that pours everything they have back into people.

To employees, B&B aims to provide fulfilling and sustainable careers, laying a foundation for unity and support. B&B customers entrust the company to deliver a product they can consistently count on and will be the foundation to build their project upon. Being a bedrock, investing in community organizations and programs honors the company’s values. B&B believes that what they do as a company, like their product, will impact people today and tomorrow.

Campaign strategy

Be the foundation.

The original target audience for the campaign was existing and prospective employees. However, the messaging platform resonated beyond the company’s walls and has now been the core theme of the company’s public-facing efforts.

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24+ Mos.

Something to say that is relevant, engaging, and ultimately memorable should be the platform for any messaging campaign. “Be the foundation.” and “Pour everything you have into it.” were developed for the employee attraction campaign, yet, the process to arrive at them yielded much more. Corporate mission and value statements were re-invented, and a new corporate tone guide has been implemented.