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Tradition, culture, and an embracement of the arts are paramount throughout the 412 square miles of Union County, Mississippi. While the county was established in 1870, the Heritage Museum has been educating, informing, and entertaining for over 20 years. This hidden gem is home to art from many mediums and generations, making a diverse learning experience for visitors.


Past. Present. Future. Take it in.

The museum rests mere feet from the birthplace of William Faulkner. The legendary author’s presence is felt throughout the space, with art honoring Faulkner filling the halls and library. The Faulkner Literary Garden uses his novels as inspiration to create a calming and serene environment. UCHM displays an array of exhibits, from stone tools used by the region’s past civilizations or furniture design from the early days of Mississippi manufacturing. The focus on the future and historical education in the arts makes UCHM a unique resource for the region.

Brand Strategy

Branding can be art in itself.

A brand system often should reflect the experience of the audience. In the case of a museum, art is not only subjective; it is endlessly versatile. Encasing images, textures, and elements seen throughout the museum within the brand components allows for a modular system. The brand can be a work of art itself, adaptable for seasons, themes, and exhibits.

The visual platform is backed up by messaging to ensure the museum has as much to say to the public as they do to show. The tagline “Past. Present. Future, Take it in.” is intended as an inviting statement for all demographics.