Doniphan Dance Project


our role

Doniphan Dance Project acts as a program to promote awareness and further the knowledge of modern dance among Northeast Mississippi area youth. The non-profit initiative has garnered a large following through the years and culminates in an annual event, showcasing its students’ hard work and talent.


Elegance, education, and artistry.

“I want dance to be for everyone,” says Founder and Director Roxie Clayton. The dedication and effort put forth by Doniphan participants often entail 20-plus hour weeks of rehearsals in the summer months. This commitment helps young people learn about modern dance and the responsibilities of the craft.

Project Strategy

Capturing dedication in motion.

Saint Emblem worked with talented videographer Rex Harsin Films over several days to record what makes the project impactful both behind the scenes and on the stage. On-site direction and post-production guidance allowed for a cohesive result, depicting the energy and elegance of modern dance.