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Bulldog Burger Company is all about the experience only a hand-crafted burger built with expertise and care can provide. Established in Starkville, Mississippi, Bulldog Burger has expanded into the Tupelo and Ridgeland markets, building upon decades of success from the Eat With Us Group.


Bringing a top-end experience to Mid-Town.

Expanding a second Bulldog location into Tupelo, MS, presented many challenges. Nothing more significant than finding a centralized location that allowed for the capacity of diners and the proper environment to experience the menu. The Mid-Town Plaza development was born from a renovated industrial building and now houses Bulldog Burger Co. in addition to other tenants.

Project Strategy

A re-introduction of what originally made a space memorable is key when designing for a new experience.

Working with a talented team including Tech1 Studio Architects and Eat With Us leadership, a design strategy was developed to emphasize a modern aesthetic. That direction was balanced with taking advantage of the buildings’ benefits in exposed brick, natural light, ironwork, and electrical panels. These features were kept as authentic as possible while constructing the new surroundings using new materials like concrete, white tile, and reclaimed wood.

With bulldog already having a successful existing brand applying it strategically and consistently inside and outside the building was vital. Facade and monument Wayfinder signage pieces skewed more modern and high-contrast designs to offer maximum visibility at all hours. Utilizing the branding in unique ways on wall treatments and suspended lighting allowed for the marks to weave into the space as if they had always been there.