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Tarter® USA was founded in 1945 as the Tarter Gate Company in Dunville, KY. Using only hand tools, the Tarter family made 32 wooden gates weekly in the Bluegrass area in what would become the company’s signature product line.

Currently, the fourth generation of the Tarter family oversees what has become the largest manufacturer of farm gates and animal management equipment in North America. Established brands like Tractor Supply Co, Lowe’s, and Home Depot make trusted Tarter products available nationwide.


Built for generations.

Building a business that has lasts for over 70 years while still ascending for the future is rare. Doing so while keeping the company under family ownership is extraordinary. Tarter products have been made for and by hard-working generations. That effort has translated to Tarter becoming a lasting part of the farm and ranch landscape today and integral resource for tomorrow.

Brand Strategy

Timing can be everything.

In some cases, rebranding can be viewed as a solution to deficiencies in the overall business or purely for exposure. While we feel neither is wrong there should always be a sound rationale behind making a change. Often the best time to rebrand is when you’re at the top of your game. The brand equity Tarter has built with their audience over 70 years has allowed for a smooth transition to a brand platform that sets the stage for the next evolution of the business and audience.


Strong and versatile.

Modular branding is vital when  applying to products, physical settings, signage, and advertising platforms. The Tarter brand is seen through over 1,000 products online and in retail stores creating scenarios that require multiple usage solutions, The design of the brand system allows for elements like the wordmark and icon to be locked up together or broken apart, making it adaptable for numerous ratios and spaces.

The Tarter rebrand process required a heavy emphasis on how the design complements the overall brand narrative and audience. This allowed the visuals, regardless of medium, to be used in tandem with messaging in consistent arrangements, improving the retention rate for consumers.

Tarter Branding guidelines

Setting standards.

Guidelines to ensure consistency across the point of sale locations, products, and marketing platforms are vital when installing a new brand system. Bringing the Tarter standards online via a custom-developed site in addition to print makes improves accessibility by marketing teams, vendors, and retailers alike.